Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let Gmail tell friends where you live

We know that in using the QQ chat, if one were IP plug-in installed, then you can easily identify the specific location of each other. Recently, Gmail Labs launched "Location in Signature" new feature - add your signature location, so users can also send messages to share their current geographical location information. Let us together experience the following Gmail features the signature positioning it!

And open, like other features in Gmail Labs first in the list of new features in Gmail Labs to find "Location in Signature", select the Enable item and save, this time to open your Gmail signature on the positioning function.

As the Labs will appear only in English under, so when we open the "Location in Signature" feature, can get back to Simplified Chinese mode, this feature is still available, after the opening of other new features in similar operations, of course, can not be ruled out Some new features in the Chinese can not, under normal usage.

Back to the Simplified Chinese language interface, enter the Settings page, find the General tab in the "signature" item, this is the "Location in Signature" function. As can be seen from the screenshot, there is no default signature, we can set according to their actual personal signature. However, to send a Gmail e-mail signature shows geographical location, you must use the signature, and check the "Append your location to the signature" item, or Gmail still does not utilize this functionality, this point we should all pay attention.

Do It:

1. Fill in your own personal signature, check the "Append your location to the signature", save the settings.

Two. A friend of Gmail and its non-Gmail mail were sent a theme of "Test For 'Location in Signature'" test message, compose mail, sign the bottom of the body has increased the geographical location of relevant information " Sent from: Beijing 11 China. ".

As "Location in Signature" feature uses a public IP address resource to locate your position, so it might not be very accurate. Gmail Labs since the opening, almost every week with some nice new features to the user in writing,

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